Personal Finance & Accounting Software Overview

Managing your money can be an overwhelming and discouraging chore, but through personal finance software, your finances can be organized and you can look to the future with the security of knowing you’ll have enough money to take care of the necessities of life.

Through personal finance software you can bank online, utilizing transactions, deposits and online bill pay, manage your portfolio and 401K by trading stocks, mutual funds and bonds, receive real-time stock reports, current tax articles and other information so you can wisely direct your money and make good financial choices. Then easily export your data to tax software to get the most out of taxes.

Personal financial software can provide reports and graphs, giving you a clear illustration of where your money has been, where it is and where it’s going. These reports are priceless when planning your financial future.

In this site, you’ll find articles,recent news stories and comprehensive reviews on personal finance software that helps you make an informed decision on which software is right for you.

What to look for in personal finance software
Ideal personal finance software provides ample user-friendly features that allow you to manage every aspect of your finances including your accounts, investments, future plans and taxes. The software should also provide current information on tax laws and stock reviews so you can make informed decisions.

Ease of use/installation personal finance software that offers intuitive navigation, user-friendly features and is easy to install ranked higher in our reviews.

Banking/bills personal finance software should include features in the area of online banking, including: electronic payments, account transactions, account reconciliation, the ability to write and print checks and the ability to exchange currencies, that make banking from your PC convenient.

Personal investing personal finance software that offers an investment feature used to get stock quotes and manage your mutual funds, stocks, bonds and 401K, so you can take care of all your investing needs.
Financial planning personal finance software that allows you to plan your retirement, purchases, taxes, lifetime events, home purchases, debt relief and other financial goals and money management concerns and provide financial calculators to help you estimate costs, plan collage expenses, savings, taxes and so on.

Tax options some personal finance software can export all of your financial information into tax software and help you find missed deductions and estimate your tax withholdings and capital gains.

Reporting personal finance software that provides reports and summaries of your finances so you can plan your cash flow and invest more wisely.

Through personal finance software, you can manage your finances conveniently and stress free, stop money leaks, make better investments and increase your personal net worth. In short, with personal finance software you can make your hard-earned money work harder for you.

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Some Of The Features Of Online Personal Finance Software

As the Internet has exploded, many people have begun to rely on computers to assist with budgeting. Online personal finance is a multi-billion per year industry. Initially it was popular in helping small businesses with budgeting and tax concerns, but as the computer has become ubiquitous in American homes, average people have begun to regard the computer as indispensible to their personal finance needs.

One of the first, and most attractive, ways that online personal finance tools can help the average person is through automated bill pay. This is a very busy time for the average person who is working more than ever, has a family to attend to, and the many other stresses of day to day life. Automated bill pay is quite simple. The online personal finance software links a person’s checking account to their various monthly expenses. It even allows for a person to specify when they would like the bills to be paid. This makes things much easier as this ensures the account is never overdrawn. Most automated payments are made after payday. This can be done for fixed expenses such as Internet or cable TV. Variable expenses can be paid in full or with a specified amount. It not only makes sure that all of the bills are paid and nothing slips through the cracks, resulting in late fees. It also guarantees that the bills are paid before any irresponsible spending takes place. One of the goals of online personal finance is to ensure that a person lives within their means. If all of the bills are paid before any money can be spent this becomes a much more reasonable goal. Certainly there sometimes need to be other changes to one’s spending habits that need to be made, but it’s an important first step.

Another helpful feature of online personal finance is the built in tax software. Not everyone has very complex taxes. Obviously some people don’t have a family and don’t have a house or any investments. These people’s taxes are quite simple to deal with. However most people that are looking to do some budgeting have more complex situations. Real estate is a great investment for the tax breaks it gives. Having online personal finance software saves money by avoiding having to go to a tax professional and ensures there aren’t any mistakes or missed deductions. When people are using online personal finance software to remedy their bad habits, they often overlook tax considerations. Back taxes are often particularly difficult to deal with and online personal finance software can help in this regard. The larger one’s family is or the greater the number of investments someone has, the more likely it is that they have tricky taxes and need online personal finance software.

The Security Of Online Personal Finance Software.

As the lives of the average American becomes more and more digitally based, online security has become a bigger and bigger issue. For many years, there were constantly stories of identity theft and hackers breaking into credit card company databases. The tales of people losing their life savings or companies surrendering millions of pieces of customer information scared many people into being hesitant about what they put into cyberspace. And for the most part, this has been good advice. There’s obviously no reason to be cavalier with one’s information. As technology has improved, online personal finance software has become more and more popular which has advanced to where it is now able to pay bills, analyze spending habits, and assess taxes. These features are very attractive, especially to people who’ve had a hard time budgeting on their own. But these people are often concerned about security, so its important to consider all of the features of online personal finance software to see if it makes sense from a security perspective.

Online personal finance software features the ability to automatically pay all bills each month on a specified date. This is one of the best features of online personal finance software, but it is one that scares a lot of people. People must submit their checking account information as well as the account numbers for whatever bills they would like to automatically pay. One of the reasons it is safe is because generally the information is stored on the person’s computer, not on the software company’s site, and is then used to pay the bills. Since many banks have offered this feature for years, a lot of people are comfortable with it.

Tax information is also a pretty private matter to most people. Online personal finance software can automatically sift through tax returns and analyze where deductions were missed and the best strategies to use. In some cases, the software can link to the checking account with the auto bill pay feature to deduct the amount of tax owed and transfer it to the IRS. This seems incredibly handy, especially to people with very complex taxes, but having all of that information in one central location seems frightening to some people. It really shouldn’t, especially because most people use a tax preparer and the information is kept at their office anyway. In the case of the online personal finance software, at least it’s kept on the person’s own computer. As a feature to assist with budgeting and other aspects of economic life, online personal finance software has been extremely helpful to many people. There are still concerns about how safe data is. Generally, as long as a person is smart and doesn’t give away their passwords and has good anti-virus software, everything should be incredibly secure. As people warm up to the reality of life in this century, more people are becoming accepting of having online personal finance software help with their financial well-being.

Online Personal Finance Software Can Be Used Anywhere

Many people don’t understand the concept of online personal finance. This is because up until recently, the only way for many people to deal with their finances was through hand written calculations, hand-written reminders, and by dealing with their bank. Well this has all changed with the use of online personal finance programs, not only do online finance programs allow customers to track all aspects of their finances but with many programs these services are free!

The best thing about online personal finance software is that it isn’t like doing business with a person. The services that it provides are available at anytime of the day or night, as long as you have an Internet connection. This means you can check on your bank accounts, credit cards, payments, and investment accounts from anywhere in the country, even out of the country if you have proper internet connection. Another benefit to using personal finance software is that is it normally quick and easy to use. The layouts of the programs used are very easy to follow so if you aren’t the most tech-savvy person there is no need to worry. Also, signing up for online financing software is very easy it takes less than 10 minutes and the benefits can help you for the rest of your life.

If you are nervous about using the internet to deal with your finances there is no need to worry. Many online personal finance software programs use the same protection and security that banks use, this lowers the chances that your personal information could be leaked through the internet into another person’s hands. For services like this one of the top priorities is the safety of the clients money and making sure that it is kept private. Also, it is very unlikely that with any online personal finance software programs that you will be allowed to move money in and out of accounts. The goal of this software is to help you keep track of your money, not move it around. This should make you feel better about the use of the program.

Another huge benefit to using online personal finance software is that at any time of the day your information is up to date and ready to be looked at. This can be a great tool if you are in the supermarket and don’t know if you have the money to spend on a few additional groceries. This can be a great budgeting tool when you are looking to save money, especially right now with the economy in such poor shape. Using this software to budget and calculate your money will help you stay on top of your priorities.

Missing Persons Investigations of a New Age

George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four was first published in 1949. You’d have thought that his vision would no longer be up-to-date 65 years later. The world he described was a world where Big Brother was watching people, constantly seeking information about crime think or any other kind of offence against the glorious super state of Oceania.

Edward Snowden showed us, that what Big Brothers these days are doing is not all that different from what Orwell described. Sure, the technology is quite different from what he had envisioned, but Orwell’s novel is not about science and technology, but about the horrible world where governments might monitor our every move, observe us in our most intimate moments and know about everything we do. Modern day supercomputers, satellites and all sorts of technology make that easily possible for various government agencies.

Yet there is so much information out there that is easily accessible without any spying satellites, supercomputers or without bugging mobile phones. It’s the information millions of users are putting online every day of their own free will, just to get some likes, re-tweets or shares. People tell themselves that they are doing this to stay in touch with each other, but they fail to realize how much of their personal information they are giving away every moment of every day.

With more than half of Australians being active on Facebook, it seems like this would be the most promising social network to start an investigation. The information found on Facebook is truly varied. There are photographs, comments as well as check-ins that give away a person’s current location. Furthermore there is a time stamp on everything, which makes it easy to create a collage of events a person went through at a certain time. No special equipment is needed for all of this with much of it capable of being performed with a simple smart phone.

Of course people tend to forget, that social media doesn’t mean just Facebook and Twitter. Apart from other household names like LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest, there are dozens of other smaller, niche websites that cater to all sorts of profiles. Finding information across all of these platforms can turn into a large investigation on its own.

Investigating social media is not only about snooping either. People tend to forget, that Facebook is first and foremost a platform for communication. As many people from the younger generations no longer even have a landline and choose not to publicly reveal their mobile number, Facebook and other social media may be an easy way of tracking them down for communication or to even serve court documents.

Being a private investigator and not knowing anything about social media is something that has become unimaginable in this day and age. While traditional methods such as surveillance are still very effective, they are considerably supplemented with comprehensive desktop investigation based on extensive social media profiling and as the next generation moves more of their life onto the internet the value of this brand of profiling is only going to increase.